Oak Electric Service Reducing Warehouse Lighting Power Usage

 From Automation Alley:

By utilizing DTE's Energy Savings Program, Moosejaw, Inc. undertook a lighting retrofit program for their Madison Heights, Michigan 42,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility that significantly improved lighting illumination while at the same time is saving them up to 11,000 kilowatt hours per month on their utility bill.  

"Our lighting in our Madison Heights, Michigan 42,000 square foot warehouse facility had become grossly inadequate and was affecting the efficiency of our operation," says Tom Stockton, Moosejaw Mountaineering and Backcountry Travel, Inc. transportation specialist there. "It was time to make some improvements and we began to do a search for an electrical contractor that had specialties in energy saving lighting retrofit programs, and also was familiar with all the energy rebate programs that are now available from the utility services, local and federal governments. We inquired at several of the building contractors we were familiar with, and they recommended Oak Electric Services, in Waterford, Michigan. We contacted them and Gary Pipia, Oak Electric Services owner visited our location and subsequently developed and implemented a very cost-effective energy savings lighting retrofit program for us."

Gary Pipia at Oak Electric explains, "The Moosejaw warehouse was a classic candidate for a lighting retrofit program that provided better light output while saving energy and costs. The facility had sixty-four 450 watt high bay metal Halide fixtures...of which only one out of four was actually operating properly," Pipia adds, "We were well aware of Moosejaw, Inc's. desire for being as "green" as possible with this program. Tom Stockton had explained that they already had very extensive recycling programs for all their cardboard and paper products as well as a comprehensive re-use program for shipping bags and boxes that they received from their suppliers. He mentioned that their catalogs were produced from recycled paper and all their promotional mailers were sent via email to further save on printing and paper costs. We knew that the energy savings part of our proposal was paramount in their minds."

"What we first did," Pipia says, "Was to prepare an energy usage/payback comparison study showing the existing Halide lighting and the recommended T-5 high bay florescent lighting fixtures, The results of the study were obvious, with the payback in energy savings alone of 1.02 years."

The relamping program consisted of:

- Replacing the (64) existing 400 watt metal Halide fixtures with new T5, 4-lamp HO lighting that produces 27 foot candles of light at 18 feet. Complete lighting in the warehouse should be 20-30 foot candles.

- Relocating fixtures where needed for best lighting distribution between racks and shelving.

- Extending circuits where needed to accommodate for new lighting plan.

- Re-using, where possible, circuits and lighting controls.

"We feel the program has been a total success," Tom Stockton concludes. "Our first utility bill since the retrofit was completed has shown a 28% or 11,000 kwH reduction in usage. In addition, the new T-5 lamp fixtures come on instantly and we don't have that annoying lost time interval of having to wait for the metal Halide lamps to heat up. Oak Electric Services was very effective in working with DTE Energy to obtain our rebates through the comprehensive set of incentives that are available under DTE's Your Energy Savings Program that facilitates the implementation of cost-effective improvements for Business Customers. We estimate that we were able to save approximately half the cost of what it would have been without the energy rebates."

About Moosejaw Mountaineering and Backcountry Travel, Inc.
Moosejaw Mountaineering and Backcountry Travel, Inc was founded in 1992 by two wilderness guides. The company has retail stores and on-line sales for outdoor recreation apparel and gear for rock climbing, hiking, and camping. It currently has seven locations: six in Michigan and one in Illinois. The first store opened in 1992 in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

About Oak Electric Service
Oak Electric Service is an electrical contractor that provides electrical service for the industrial, commercial and residential markets in Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan. Over the past ten years, Oak Electric has also specialized in stand-by generator installations for industrial, commercial and residential markets as well. They are a Preferred Vendor for DTE and one of Michigan's largest dealers for Generac power systems. In addition Oak Electric is an authorized dealer for AEE Solar Systems, Skystream, Swift and ReDriven Power, Inc. wind turbines.

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